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NCIS Transcripts

For all your NCIS needs

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NCIS transcripts, episode summaries and quotes
As a holiday project, I'm attempting to make some transcripts of NCIS episodes available to fans and collect information about characters into single posts. I may yet fail, as I suspect that this will be a lot more time-consuming than I thought it would be. Watch this space. ;)

Currently, this community cannot be joined. Feel free to watch it, though.

Never even got started. :D Sorry about that. Luckily, this site has a great collection - transcripts for every episode up to the end of Season 2. If anyone wishes to take over, please let me know.

entropynchaos has taken over the comm., with the permission of the lovely schnoogle, and is now your slightly-insane mod. The first transcript should be up, hopefully, by Sunday night at the latest. So come in, join us, and make yourself comfortable.

EDIT: The layout for the journal (new, shiny and oh-so pretty) was masterminded entirely by heimedall...who rocks and should be worshipped appropriately.